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Hello.  We are Eric and Devin.  We are both teachers, trying to survive the suburban life. We’re just two ordinary people, with two growing boys, trying to do something we once thought impossible: become vegan.  

Now, we’ve been vegetarian for a while, and after several years of a meatless diet, we believe that we can finally take that last step and be animal-free consumers.  This is our 365-day challenge.  We know this will be extremely difficult, especially since our kids aren’t really on board (Our oldest son is at Steak-N-Shake with his girlfriend as we are writing this, grrr).  Plus, as if the new diet wasn’t hard enough, we’ve also decided to get fit and train for a half-marathon, while Devin goes to grad school. Yes, she’s a glutton for punishment!

How do we find the foods we can eat and the nutrition we need?  Can we give up cheese without going through withdrawal? Can we grow our own fruits and vegetables?  What other aspects of our lives will we need to change to be truly animal-free?  Will our marriage survive?

We want to share our journey: the struggles, the victories, and all the great things we learn and find along the way. Our goal is to be victorious in helping others who may be on this same path, and hopefully this does not turn into a cautionary tale.

Thank you for following our story.

Eric & Devin

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